Elacet Homestay is always looking for Host Families that are willing to offer a homely, safe and secure place a Guest can call home and become a member of their Family. Join the various Families across Uganda who find the experience of Hosting Guests from abroad exciting and valuable. Both our clients and Host Families agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Elacet Homestay. Anyone can become a Host Family as long as their home fits our standards and the specific needs and preferences of the Guests and agree to abide by our CoC. Registration to become a Host Family is currently free of charge.  

Benefits of becoming a Host Family

By becoming a Host Family:

  •   You will get the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over to world;
  •   Experience the different  cultures and lifestyles as well as share your own;
  •   Experience the gratification there is in offering hospitality to foreigners;
  •  Supplement your family’s income in an exciting and enjoyable way.

Please provide your name and address and we will send you an application form.