• Many Guests have been able to learn the local language a lot faster. As a result, communication with the local people became much easier with the assistance and guidance of their Host Family members.
  • A Homestay experience will get you a first-hand experience into the lifestyle of a local Ugandan family as well as their culture.
  • With a Homestay, both the Hosts and the Guests are able to exchange their cultural differences and backgrounds, hence promoting inter-cultural awareness and understanding.
  • At Elacet Homestay, we believe that Homestay is the best way to have a rewarding and fulfilling stay in Uganda. It provides the opportunity to stay in a safe and secure environment with the love and care of their Host Family. This especially benefits the Guests who are visiting Uganda for the first time. Your Host Family will provide you with the basics for Your safety, places to enjoy yourself and tour and in general they care for your safety and well-being during your stay. Your Host Family’s Home is your Home away from home.


If you would like to become a Guest with a Ugandan local family, please contact us