I have never been to Uganda, how will I find my way around?

Elacet Homestay will forward you some information of a few common phrases in luganda (commonest language used in Kampala) and translated into English just before you arrive – to help you practice early. Your Host Family will further teach you how to communicate during several situations, such as getting on/off a taxi. However, you should not worry as most of the Ugandans do speak English, some fluently.

I will be staying for several weeks. Where can I do my laundry?          

In general, most Ugandans hand wash their own laundry. You may request your Host Family to either assist you with your laundry, show you how to do it or show you where some of the laundry mats around the city are located.

I am a vegetarian, am I able to get a host family that can cater for my dietary needs?

Yes. Elacet Homestay will make certain to get you a Family that is able and willing to take care of your dietary needs.

I would like to stay with my friend in the same house. Is this possible?

Yes. We are able to put friends in the same household and can either share a room or have separate rooms all together.

Will I be able to find my host family upon arrival?

The day you are schedule to arrive in Uganda, an Elacet Homestay repesentative will be waiting for you at Entebbe International Airport with a sign displaying your name (and if preferred, your photo). They will have full details of your destination and are required to contact us should you encounter any problem.