Elacet Homestay services are ideal for Guests from all over the world travelling to Uganda for volunteer experiences, study or tourist activities. Whether travelling as a family, a group, a couple or an individual, we can help you find a Host Family suited for your needs and preferences.

Host Family placements are located in the various sub-divisions of Kampala and use different means of transport to and from the city centre, including taxis (mini-vans), boda-bodas (motor bikes), buses, bicycles and special hires (cubs). Host Families offer a bed and all the meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and supper). However, some of the Guests may prefer to have their meals outside of the Host home, for instance in restaurants, hence broadening the possibility of exploring the wide range of Uganda’s cuisines. The Hosts treat their Guests as full members of the families and will eat together and share all the common living spaces with them.

Our Host Families come from a broad range of ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds – representing the diverse tribes and cultures within Uganda – many of which are located in Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda. The Capital is also where all the Embassies of the various countries of the world are located. There are so many places to explore in Kampala, including the museum, theatres and other cultural centres for locally produced plays plus African art & craft items, the different local markets for fresh organic Ugandan foods to change your grocery shopping experience and a wide array of discotheques, pubs and restaurants and cinemas for an exciting evening-out experience.

We are constantly updating our data base so that we are aware of any changes in the Host Families, for instance change in location or an increase in the number of people in the home. It is also very important to inform us of any special requirements you may need to be taken into consideration for Your Homestay.