i.        Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a completed application form and a copy of your ticket to Uganda.   Payment is to be cleared through deposit the fees of your stay in our bank. Payment of your entire stay must be made the following day after your arrival, except if you arrival over the weekend or on public holidays.

ii.         At the time of booking, all visitors must specify any special requests, dietary needs or allergies.

iii.        HOMES AWAY reserves the right to change the accommodation in the interest of the visitor or the host family.

 iv.       HOMES AWAY reserves the right to terminate any collaboration with the visitor if there are any complaints received from the host family. In this case, NO refunds will be made.

v.        HOMES AWAY reserves the right to terminate any collaboration with the host family if there are any complaints received from the visitor. In this case, the host family has to refund the monies of the remaining days for which the visitor has to stay. Any complaint regarding the host family must be reported immediately to HOMES AWAY, after which a complaint form is filled. Complaints will be thoroughly probed and any necessary action will be taken. In the event of incompatibility between a visitor and a host family, HOMES AWAY will find a substitute family.

vi.        Under no circumstances should any member of the host family request cash hand outs or any form of financial assistance from the visitor.

vii.        In case a visitor decides to cancel their stay, HOMES AWAY should be given a week prior notice or a week worth payment for cancellation made in less than a week.

viii.      A visitor will make payment regardless of whether you will stay some days and/or nights away from the host family home. NO discounts/refunds will be given.

ix.        HOMES AWAY is not in any way responsible for any loss or damage of property while residing in the home of the host family organised by HOMES AWAY. You are advised to have insurance to cover your belongings against theft, loss or damage.

x.        The normal minimum booking period are 1 week for short stay and 2 weeks for longer stay (more than a month)

xi.        Visitors must call their host families a few days prior to arrival

xii.        Visitors who wish to extend their stay beyond the end date are able to do so. However, they must inform HOMES AWAY prior to this decision. Payments are made on a weekly basis.

xiii.       Visitors must always ask permission before using anything of the host families.

xiv.       Visitors must make sure not to lose house keys or any other property offered by the host family to use while in their care.

xv.        Visitors must follow the rules that HOMES AWAY or the host family will provide with regards to security in and out of the home.

xvi.       Visitors must always ask for permission before allowing any friends into the host family’s home.